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Xingtai Kehui Trading Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive trading company integrating production, sales and procurement. The company and the factory are located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, which has a long history and rich in minerals. Currently, the company’s products include fly ash, cenosphere, perlite, hollow glass microsphere, etc., the application of the product is designed to refractory insulation materials, building materials, petroleum industry, insulation materials, coating industry, aerospace and space development, plastic industry, glass fiber reinforced plastic products and packaging materials.

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What is Fly ash ceramsite ?

Fly ash ceramsite is made of fly ash as the main raw material (about 85%), mixed with an appropriate amount of lime (or calcium carbide slag), gypsum, admixtures, etc. An artificial lightweight aggregate made from natural hydraulic reaction. Ceramsite has excellent properties, such as low density...

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Advantages of expanded perlite

Expanded perlite is a natural acid vitreous volcanic lava, non-metallic mining, because its volume rapidly expands 4 to 30 times under high temperature conditions of 1000-1300 ° C, it is collectively called expanded perlite. Expanded perlite is well accepted by the market and exerts its effect du...

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Excellent properties and uses of cenospheres.

Excellent properties and uses of cenospheres: high refractoriness. The main chemical components of cenospheres are oxides of silicon and aluminum, of which silicon dioxide is about 50-65%, and aluminum oxide is about 25-35%. Because the melting point of silica is as high as 1725 degrees Celsius, ...

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It’s not that the earth needs us, it’s that we need the earth.

After the sweltering summer of 2021 with a record high temperature, the northern hemisphere has ushered in a cold winter, and it has snowed a lot, even in the Sahara Desert, one of the hottest places on earth. On the other hand, the southern hemisphere has ushered in scorching heat, with temperat...

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Glass Microspheres-1

Use of Hollow Glass Microsphere in Rubber Industry

​Hollow glass microspheres have multiple uses, but one of the most prominent is in the rubber industry to make products such as silicone rubber sealants. The major advantage that hollow glass microspheres provide is in terms of reduction in weight which allows for easy application for smooth tra...

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Hollow glass microspheres are the best partner for paint filling

Hollow glass microspheres are glass microspheres with low density, light weight and high strength. Due to the hollow characteristics, compared with ordinary glass beads, it has the characteristics of light weight, low density and good thermal insulation performance. The method is directly added t...

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