Advantages of expanded perlite

Expanded perlite is a natural acid vitreous volcanic lava, non-metallic mining, because its volume rapidly expands 4 to 30 times under high temperature conditions of 1000-1300 ° C, it is collectively called expanded perlite. Expanded perlite is well accepted by the market and exerts its effect due to its good thermal insulation performance and super stable performance. It has a wide range of applications and has universal practicability, especially in terms of refractory thermal insulation and energy saving.

Advantages of expanded perlite
1. Good thermal insulation, strong stability and good performance are well accepted by the market and exert its effects, and have a wide range of applications, with universal practicability, especially in refractory thermal insulation and energy saving. performance.
2. Good environmental protection performance has a wide range of economic and social value, extremely convenient construction, easy maintenance, impact performance is better than other traditional thermal insulation materials, excellent anti-humidity and heat performance, and good fire performance.
3. The durability is good, breaking the boundary of the average service life of organic exterior wall insulation materials of 25 years. Since the rock energy inorganic thermal insulation material system is an inorganic product, it is not easy to age. And it is a seamless construction, so as to form an all-plastic wrapping protection effect on the building.
4. Long service life Under normal use conditions, expanded perlite will not cause dryness, severe cold, high temperature, humidity, galvanic corrosion or growth of insects, fungi or algae, as well as damage caused by sawtooth animals, object impact and other invasions. damage, greatly extending the life of the building.
1. Expanded perlite has high water absorption and poor water resistance, which leads to large volume shrinkage and deformation of thermal insulation mortar during stirring.
2. The thermal insulation performance of the expanded perlite product is reduced in the later stage, it is easy to crack, and the bonding strength with the base layer is low and easy to hollow. On site, the construction performance is poor and affects the technical performance of the thermal insulation mortar after hardening.


Post time: May-02-2022